[sane-devel] seg fault's

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Sun, 30 Jun 2002 13:17:16 +0200


On Sat, Jun 29, 2002 at 08:53:12PM -0700, ---(rick moranis)--- wrote:
> i've been trying to get my scanner to work with my slackware 8.1 system, 
> but it doesn't seem to be fuctioning properly. slackware 8.1 includes sane 
> packages 1.0.8 and xsane pages 0.86 and they seem to work fine using the 
> usb kernel method because i can locate the scanner with sane-find-scanner.

Which scanner?

> the compilation of testtool 

What is "teststool"?

> caused errors except when using make USB=libusb 
> and even though the program would compile it would always segfault when 
> trying to run it.

So you have a Microtek ScanMaker 3600 (or similar) scanner? That's the
only backend that uses libusb in SANE 1.0.8.

The segfaults are because of a bad (old) libusb. At least, updating to
a newer one fixed segfaults for me.  The sm3600 homepage says:
>=0.1.3b is ok. Have a look at the sane-devel archive, there is at
least one discussion about this topic.

If you don't have such a Microtek scanner, disable sm3600 in dll.conf.
You don't need libusb in this case.

> i removed all packages from my system and just compiled 
> sane-backend and sane-front end from source without any problems. once 
> again, sane-find-scanner detected my scanner. i compiled sane-frontends 
> without a program and noticed that it had created a gimp plugin for me. i 
> opened gimp to see if the "acquire" option had the scanner listed, but it 
> did not.

xscanimage will show up in the Xtns menu once you set up it for gimp
(see man xscanimage).

> i tried running xscanimage from terminal but that also segfaulted. 
> it seems every program related to sane segfaults. what can i do to fix 
> this?? sane seems to be working fine.

If one of the backends (drivers) segfaults, every frontend will show
this behaviour.