[sane-devel] attach function status?

Dave Close dclose@anim.dreamworks.com
Wed, 01 May 2002 14:54:59 -0700

Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:
>Dave Close wrote:
>>The usual sequence of operations in most backends is to call
>>sanei_config_attach_matching_devices() in the sane_init() function.
>>Because it cannot return status while sane_init() can, sane_init()
>>lies to the frontend and always returns SANE_STATUS_GOOD.
>That's not a lie. The backend was inited successfully. It's not a
>failure if the device wasn't found. The backend doesn't know if it's
>supposed to find one (or even several) device(s). Some backends don't
>even search for devices in sane_init().

If not status, then it seems to me that it would be useful if
sanei_config_attach_matching_devices() could return a count of the
number of devices found. sane_init() could then total the results and
complain when that was appropriate.

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