[sane-devel] Problem with network scanning Linux/win98

Edvard Rognlid edvard@rognlid.com
Mon, 06 May 2002 18:18:20 +0200

At 23:04 05.05.02 +0200, Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:
>On Sun, May 05, 2002 at 04:11:25PM +0200, Edvard Rognlid wrote:
> > >Which version of SANE do you use?
> >
> > 1.0.5-4
>Since this version quite a lot of bugs have been fixed. If saned
>really only works in "saned -d" mode for you, an update to at least
>SANE 1.0.7 should fix this. However, I'm not yet convinced, that it's
>a SANE problem in your case.

The newst rpm for redhat 7.2 I could find vas for version 1.0.5-4. And 
since I'm a newbee to Linux I don't know how to install for other type of 
files than RPM's. Thats the reason I use 1.0.5-4. Can you give me som 
instructions on how to intall 1.0.7?

>If you use tcpwrappers or xinetd uses libtcp then you must also set up
>/etc/hosts.allow to allow remote access to saned. I don't use xinetd
>so i can't tell you the exact facts here.

Both my win98 and my linux computer is listed in hosts.allow

> > I have tryed both localhost and barcelona at the same time and 
> seperatly in
> > net.conf. Always with the same result when trying [root@barcelona etc]#
> > scanimage -L
> > device `microtek:/dev/sge' is a Microtek ScanMaker E3 flatbed scanner
> > device `microtek:/dev/sg4' is a Microtek ScanMaker E3 flatbed scanner
> > I cant seam to find any log that has the name syslog, but i /var/log I 
> find
> > messages. This file apears to be a syslog file.
> > When trying scanimage -L I get the line "barcelona modprobe: modprobe:
> > Can't locate module char-major-81" in that log.
>Nothing like the above mentioned lines about "saned"? Then saned isn't
>running (or segfaults right after the start).
When trying xsane for win98 when xinetd is runing I get this in var/messages:
May  6 17:54:29 barcelona saned[4168]: access by edvard@radich accepted
May  6 17:54:30 barcelona saned[4168]: exiting

When trying xsane using saned -d5 I get this in var/messages:
May  6 18:02:01 barcelona saned[4194]: access by edvard@radich accepted
May  6 18:02:01 barcelona modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module char-major-81
May  6 18:02:01 barcelona last message repeated 3 times
May  6 18:02:14 barcelona saned[4194]: exiting

>Try running
>SANE_DEBUG_NET=255 scanimage -L
>This should print some info about what the net backend is doing.

[root@barcelona log]# SANE_DEBUG_NET=255 scanimage -L
device `microtek:/dev/sge' is a Microtek ScanMaker E3 flatbed scanner
device `microtek:/dev/sg4' is a Microtek ScanMaker E3 flatbed scanner
[root@barcelona log]#

> > >You can start saned in debugg mode. Disable it in xinetd.conf and
> > >start it manually (saned -d5). It should print more verbose messages
> > >now. In this mode you must restart it for every connection.
> >
> > Then it works!
>"saned -d" ignores tcpwrappers and xinetd. So there are two
>1) Configuration problem with xinetd and/or /etc/hosts.allow
>2) Bug in saned, probably fixed in SANE 1.0.7.

At http://www.penguin-breeder.org/Penguin-Breedersane.htm I found the 
"Sometimes, saned starts only when debugging is enabled. To be able to use 
saned with debugging enabled from inetd or xinetd, you have to use a little 
wrapper. This is also handy, if you need debug output from the backend and 
you don't want to start saned by hand all the time... rename saned to 
something like saned.bin and create a shell script like this

cd /tmp
exec $0.bin 2> saned.$$.stderr | tee saned.$$.stdout
This will make two files with stdout and stderr from the last session in 
/tmp. The debug information will be in saned.*.stderr. "

This might my problem, or? If thats the case maby a new version will help.