[sane-devel] sane-find-scanner finds multiple scanners

Carsten Neumann deltor@snafu.de
Mon, 6 May 2002 20:16:00 +0200

On Mon, 06 May 2002, Johan Wehtje wrote:
> Sorry, did forget to say what the problem is with this setup.
> Currently whenever I try to scan , whether from the comand line or from 
> xscanimage or using the KDE3 scan utility I hear the scanner move for a 
> couple of seconds then I get a total system freeze , no coredump or any other 
> messages , just a total kernel freeze.
> Re Ray Curtis's sugestion that I move the LUN to 4 or 5 , How do I do that? I 

No, Ray wrote you should change the ID _not_ the LUN!
The only reason that you should move the ID to a higher value is that devices which are not
always switched on should be above devices which are always switched on, so HDs etc. will not
change their device name.
You can of course circumvent this if you use the Device File System (devfs) and know your SCSI IDs.
You must also not use the highest ID (7, or 15 for wide SCSI).
This is used by the host adapter on PCs and Macs (SGI uses 0, IIRC).
Since the arbitration winner (usually the host) always puts its own ID onto the bus, a device can be
seen on every ID if it has the same as the host adapter.

> have tried using the wheel dial on the scanner and turning it to 4 or 5 but I 
> get the same result, Do I use a Symlink in the dev directory or do I have to 
> pass paramateers to the modprobe of aha52x?
> Any help is much appreciated as at the moment sane is driving me .... well you 
> know the rest.
> Cheers
> Johan Wehtje
> >>>>> "cn" == Carsten Neumann <deltor@snafu.de> writes:
>     cn> Hi, Johan,
>     cn> you've missed to tell what your problems actually are!
>     cn> I don't see any problem why you can't use your scanner.
>     cn> But you haven't told that you cannot use it.
>     cn> What are the errors you get, if there are any?
>     cn>         Carsten
> I think from looking at the listing below it is pretty obvious that
> the scsi card is detecting muliple scanners, at ID 1 Lun 00-07.
> Not being familiar with this scsi card I can't really help much
> except the suggest moving the ID from 1 to maybe 4 or 5. The lower
> scsi ID's are usually used for hard drives.

You should look into the doc of the aha52x driver.
There are probably options which can be passed to the module.
Maybe you can increase the SCSI debug-message verbosity...
...and hope you have the ability to see them later in the logs!

Sorry, this is all I can say to this subject.
I have no experience with your SCSI adapter nor with your scanner model.

Kind regards