[sane-devel] HP4470c

Bertrik Sikken bertrik@zonnet.nl
Mon, 06 May 2002 22:29:30 +0200

Benjamin Pierce wrote:
> I have been at it with HP for months trying to get
> information about my 4400c which I believe to be
> similar to the 4470.  The best that I got was some
> Tech who had no idea what I was talking about, and had
> no knowledge of how to escalate the question to
> someone who did.

I got a report from someone with a HP4400 that it was actually
an UMAX scanner. He showed me some part numbers and the number
printed on the biggest chip indeed also seemed to confirm that.

Here's part of an e-mail I sent back:

"I stumbled on some scanner chipset info on the following page:

It shows that the Umax astra 2000u (USB) scanner contains
a chip with type number 13010057-5071 / 9944 / F7PMO-000.
This is quite similar (at least in formatting) to the
chip number 13010070-5011 that you reported for the HP4400.

The Umax astra 2000u seems to be partially compatible with the
umax astra 1220u.
Perhaps a backend for one scanner would also support the other."

Kind regards,