[sane-devel] coolscan color problem

Hubert Figuiere hfiguiere@teaser.fr
Wed, 8 May 2002 00:55:47 +0200

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I have a brand new[*] Nikon CoolScan III (aka LS 30)
I re-built and installed sane from the source, using
sane-backends-1.0.7-cvs-2002-05-02 and
sane-frontends-1.0.7-cvs-2002-05-02 on my Linux PPC system.

I started xsane 0.84. The scanner gets recognized by both coolscan and
coolscan2. Scanning do work flawessly, but I get really disappointing

-from negative film, color is really weird. This is the positive
image, but they really don't match. I selected "Kodak negative" as
media type.

-from black and white negative, picture is really dark, and really
grainy, and no that is not the film grain. I selected "Slide" and told
to invert after scanning, because I don't have B&W negative type.

-from slide film, I still get grainy pictures (even though I'm
scanning Provia or Velvia slide, both really common and one of the
most fine grained films). I selected "Slide" as media type.

In the three cases, the contrast is excessive. This is even more
visible on slides taken by real sunny day.

So my question is:

Is it a known issue ? If yes, what can I do to help resolve the
problems ? I can do whatever you want including debugging, coding and
taking pictures :-))

I'd really like to use my coolscan with SANE.


[*] I now this is the old model. That was a real bargain :-) given its

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