[sane-devel] coolscan color problem

Major A andras@users.sourceforge.net
Wed, 8 May 2002 10:08:27 +0100

> The resulting image (postive) has an orange color color cast. It
> should not because the negative of orange is not orange....

It is orange only after inversion, the negative mask is purple, and
you can clearly see that on the negative.

If I ever get to scan a colour negative, I might look into this
problem myself.

> Noise. I thought that auto-exposure would give me the right settings.

That's what I would think as well, but it might still be worth playing
around a bit if it's still a problem.

> > What gamma settings are you using?
> Automatic.

Ah, try to set it by hand, it's really simple in xsane using the
black/white/grey-point tools.

> I can't because I'm on Linux PPC (VueScan only works on Intel Linux)
> and I can't plug the scanner to my PowerBook that runs MacOS X before
> I get this USB<->SCSI adapter....

I'm not sure that is going to work. I haven't tried it myself, and I
can't think of a reason why it shouldn't, but I remember reading on a
Nikon website that their scanners don't work with USB-SCSI
adapters. But, of course, I would appreciate any feedback on this.

(According to Nikon, the LS-30 doesn't support 10-bit readout, but as
you can see, it does.)

> I used mostly coolscan2.

Good :-)

For the LS-30, I don't think coolscan has anything that coolscan2
doesn't offer, apart from a greyscale option, which might be added


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