[sane-devel] Epson 1650P in RH 7.3 How?

Karl Heinz Kremer khk@khk.net
Fri, 10 May 2002 11:34:25 -0000

Where are the Red Hat experts? Is there anything that needs to be done
in order to configure e.g. hotplug so that the scanner is recognized?

You should be able to load the scanner module manually. Depending on 
which kernel RH 7.3 uses, you may have to provide parameters for the
scanner module in /etc/modules.conf. Please see my web site at
http://www.khk.net/sane for more information about how to configure
USB scanners (you need to add a line "options scanner vendor=0x04b8 
product=0x????) to this file. Make sure that you use the correct hex
syntax (with the leading "0x"). 

Once you've done that you can load the module (as root user):
/sbin/modprobe scanner

Now the scanner should be recognized by the scanner module. You can 
verify this by running this command:
cat /proc/bus/usb/devices

Hope this helps,

Karl Heinz

rodney <rodney@eis.net.au> said:

> Hello, 
>         How do I get XSane or IScan to find my Epson 1650P scanner in RH
> 7.3 ?
> Rodney.
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