[sane-devel] Additional SCSI status?

Morten Arnesen mort1arn@online.no
Mon, 13 May 2002 23:22:51 +0200

i try to connect to a server which is running sane, with no luck.

here are the output from scanimage -L with debugging 255:
[root@morten sane.d]# cat debug.log 
[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of net to 255.
[net] sane_init: authorize = 0x8049240, version_code = 0xbffff56c
[net] sane_init: SANE net backend version 1.0.6 from sane-backends-1.0.7
[net] sane_init: Client has little endian byte order
[net] sane_init: determining sane service port
[net] sane_init: found port 6566
[net] sane_init: searching for config file
[net] sane_init: trying to add
[net] add_device: adding backend
[net] add_device: backend added
[net] sane_init: done reading config
[net] sane_init: evaluating environment variable SANE_NET_HOSTS
[net] sane_init: done
[net] sane_get_devices: local_only = 0
[net] connect_dev: trying to connect to
[net] connect_dev: connection succeeded
[net] connect_dev: sanei_w_init
[net] connect_dev: net_init (user=morten, local version=1.0.3)
[net] connect_dev: freeing init reply (status=Access to resource has
been denied, remote version=0.0.0)
[net] connect_dev: access to denied
[net] connect_dev: closing connection to
[net] sane_get_devices: ignoring failure to connect to
[net] sane_get_devices: finished (0 devices)
[net] sane_exit: exiting
[net] sane_exit: closing dev 0x8051960, ctl=-1
[net] sane_exit: finished.

anyone see the problem here?

both are running ver 1.0.7 (rpm from rawhide) on an redhat linux
mvh morten LC1OCT
tlf: +47 7027 7036   fax +47 70 27 82 77