[sane-devel] Additional SCSI status?

Dave Close dclose@anim.dreamworks.com
Mon, 13 May 2002 16:04:01 -0700

abel deuring wrote:
>... and now I have checked, what target status == 2 means: CONDITION
>MET, says the SCSI 2 draft. So, sanei_scsi_req_wait should not return an
>error. The only puzzling thing is that driver status is non-zero; the
>corresponding #defines in linux/scsi/scsi.h are SUGGEST_RETRY and
>You could try to simply ignore the driver status in sanei_scsi_req_wait.

No, in this case, the error will repeat until I send a "request sense"
command to the scanner. The "suggest retry" is absolutely valid. But
my sense handler, right now, can't tell and reports success, so the
backend doesn't know it should first request sense and then retry.

Of course, I can just guess and always retry. But that is far from
efficient, especially since there is a 60-second timeout involved.
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