[sane-devel] Epson Perfection 1650 Photo & Suse 7.2

Alexandre Suter sml@crox.net
Tue, 14 May 2002 12:52:59 -0100

paul beard wrote:

>> I got a message "libgimp-1.2.so.0 is needed by sane-1.06-1" and there 
>> it stopped.
>> I went to yast2 and did a search of the Install Software module and 
>> could not find "libgimp-1.2.so.0".  The scanner was attached at the 
>> time.
>> I have little doubt that I have done the wrong thing and this
> will be because I do not understand what I am doing.
> This sums up what drove me away from linux . . . . . you need to 
> install libgimp or perhaps all of the gimp package to resolve this 
> dependency. rpmfind.net should help you.

or else download the source code and install it after having removed all 

do a search for all sane/xsane-related rpms:

# rpm -qa | grep sane

and the remove all rpms with

# rpm --erase [package]

after that, follow the instructions you can find here:


(look at "Getting it working"). These are instructions for installing 
sane with an Agfa Snapscan scanner, but it should not be complicated to 
figure out how to install your backend instead of the snapscan backend.

Once sane is working, install xsane. This should not be more complicated 

# tar -xzf xsane[version].tar.gz; cd xsane[version]; ./configure; make; 
make install

If you plan to use linux instead of Windows (which I've been doing with 
satisfaction for more than a year), I suggest to install Gimp too. You 
can find Gimp here:


There are also instructions on how to configure Gimp to be able to scan 
directly from it.

Best regards,

Alexandre Suter