[sane-devel] Epson Perfection 1250

Gene Heskett gene_heskett@iolinc.net
Tue, 14 May 2002 09:50:06 -0400

On Tuesday 14 May 2002 08:43 am, Adam Williams wrote:
>I purchased an Epson 1250 yesteday, assumming that since the
> 1240 and earlier were supported that the 1250 would work. 
> Foolish foolish me.  But none of the stores around here sell
> 'supported' USB scanners,  which is quite irritating.
>So I saw the support of the Plustek fro the LM983x (1250),  but
> when I try and do a 'make install' I get a unresolved
> dependency in pt_drv. Any ideas?

Since the 1250 is a USB model, the interface is usb, not the 
partport.  Modify your /usr/local/etc/sane.d/plustek.conf as 

# Plustek-SANE Backend configuration file
# For use with Plustek parallel-port scanners and
# LM9831/2 based USB scanners
# For parport devices use the parport section
#device /dev/pt_drv

# leave the default values as specified in /etc/modules.conf
#warmup    -1
#lOffOnEnd -1
#lampOff   -1

# The USB section
# each device needs at least two lines:
# - [usb] vendor-ID and product-ID
# - device devicename
# i.e. for Plustek (0x07B3) UT12/16/24 (0x0017)
# [usb] 0x07B3 0x0017
# device /dev/usbscanner
# additionally you can specify some options
# warmup, lOffOnEnd, lampOff
# For autodetection
# [usb]
# device /dev/usbscanner

[usb] 0x04B8 0x010F

# options for the previous USB entry
# switch lamp off after xxx secs, 0 disables the feature
option lampOff 600

# warmup period in seconds, 0 means no warmup
option warmup 180

# 0 means leave lamp-status untouched, not 0 means switch off
# on sane_close
option lOffOnEnd 1

# and of course the device-name
device /dev/usb/scanner0

# to define a new device, start with a new section:
# [usb] or [parport]
>I build samba 1.0.7-cvs, installed that, and them make all in
> plustek, and then make install (failed during depmod -a)

It should do to make and make install in sane-backends-ver.

I'm a lazy whelp, and one thing I do is to make the recognition 
of this scanner by the kernel automatic.

You too can do this if you'll cd to /usr/src/linux/drivers/usb 
and edit scanner.h, adding the above vendor and model codes to 
the list in the same format as the others.  Then rebuild and 
install your kernel.  You'l then see it log in and ident itself 
in /var/log/dmesg, and in /var/log/messages when you plug in the 
usb cable.

Which reminds me, I've forgotten to do that for the 
kernel-2.4.19-ac3 currently under construction.  :(
Cheers, Gene
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