[sane-devel] Problems with xsane 0.82 and sane 1.0.7

Frank Zago fzago@greshamstorage.com
Wed, 15 May 2002 16:09:04 -0500 (CDT)

> A little while a go I had a problem accessing my scanner (on my linux-box)
> from my Win98 computer. I had to start the saned deamon in debug mode, it
> did not work in xinetd mode. I was recomended to upgrade form sane 1.0.5 to
> 1.0.7 to se if that fixed my problem
> My problem i still the same, and now I also have anothe. When trying too
> install xsane-0.82-3.1.i386.rpm I get this messages (originaly in
> norwegian, I have tryed to guess what is should say in english):
> error: dependence:
>          sane is demaded of xsane-0.82-3.1
>          libsane.so.1   is demanded off xsane-0.82-3.1

  rpm -i --nodeps xsane-0.82-3.1.i386.rpm