[sane-devel] Scanner stopped working after RH 7.3 upgd

mattharrell3@attbi.com mattharrell3@attbi.com
Thu, 16 May 2002 17:50:56 +0000

Two nights ago I upgraded my Red Hat Linux 7.2 box to 
7.3.  Since then, my USB HP ScanJet 6200C (USB) no 
longer works.  The sane-find-scanner command finds it 
[found USB scanner (vendor = 0x03f0, product = 0x0201) 
at device /dev/usb/scanner0], but "scanimage -L" does 
not.  lsmod shows scanner, usb-uhci, and usbcore 
loaded.  In /proc/bus/usb there is an empty devices file 
(is that right?).  The /etc/sane.d files all remained 
the same after the upgrade.  My hp.conf file looks like 

scsi HP
option connect-device

This file definitely did not change with the upgrade (at 
least, the mod date and time are from September 2001).  
The sane-hp man page mentions that when this scanner is 
connected via USB, a USB driver is required (available 
at http://www.jump.net/~dnelson/linux/usb).  However, 
that would appear to not be necessary since it was 
working before the upgrade.


Matt Harrell