[sane-devel] Blank Scans on Mustek 600 CP

TP Reitzel tpreitzel@hotmail.com
Wed, 22 May 2002 06:22:58 +0000

I'm using a Mustek 600 CP parallel port scanner. I've downloaded, compiled, 
and installed sane-backends-1.07 in addition to xsane-0.85 for Slackware 
8.0. I've read and reread all of the documentation on the website, 
Penguin-Breeders.org. Everything appears normal as I can hear the scanner 
operate. However, I'm having difficulty in scanning an image from xsane or 
scanimage. All my scans come up BLANK. I do not have any SCSI functions 
enabled in the kernel at this point.  The output of SANE_DEBUG_MUSTEK_PP=128 
scanimage -L is:

[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of mustek_pp to 128.
[mustek_pp] init: SANE v1.0.7, backend v1.0.9-devel
[mustek_pp] I wouldn't let myself be root if I were you...
[mustek_pp] init: option io-mode 2
[mustek_pp] init: option niceload
[mustek_pp] init: trying port `0x378'
[mustek_pp] attach: device 0x378 attached
[mustek_pp] attach: asic 0xa5, ccd 00
[mustek_pp] attach: use600 is `no'
[mustek_pp] init: naming device 0x378 '600CP'
[mustek_pp] init: device 0x378 is from 'Mustek'
[mustek_pp] init: option wait-lamp 15
[mustek_pp] init: setting wait-lamp to 15 for device 600CP
[mustek_pp] init: option strip-height 16
[mustek_pp] init: setting strip-height to 16 for device 600CP
[mustek_pp] init: option buffer 122400
[mustek_pp] init: setting buffer to 122400 for device 600CP
[mustek_pp] exit: (...)
device `mustek_pp:600CP' is a Mustek MFS-600IIIP flatbed scanner
device `net:localhost:mustek_pp:600CP' is a Mustek MFS-600IIIP flatbed 


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