[sane-devel] Scanning Lineart/Halftone with MICROTEK Scanmak

Karsten Festag karsten.festag@t-online.de
Fri, 24 May 2002 22:10:38 +0200


yes, indeed, the pnm backend gives nice results in all xsane
modes. I will look into my backend again the week after

Just to be sure, you didn't hear of that problem with other


Oliver Rauch wrote:
> Hello.
> I did some tests with xsane-0.86 (save and viewer) and the pnm backend in
> lineart mode some time ago and was not able to find any problems. I would
> be glad to help if I can reproduce the problems. What I need is an exact
> description under which conditions the image is sheared .
> The automatic area dection tries to find out if the background is black or white
> and searches the first pixels that are not of the background color.
> In grayscale and color mode there is threshold defined in xsane so that
> e.g. a bright gray is seen as a whit background. When scanning a lineart image
> then one single pixel that is not of the background color defines the area
> of the image. Make sure that the background of the scanner is clean.
> Bye
> Oliver