[sane-devel] Domex DMX 3191 scsi interface card

Peter de Groot pdgtech@kalnet.com.au
Mon, 27 May 2002 03:09:10 +0800

Hi guys...

desperately trying to get my Artec AM12S working under sane.

Problem ....

My machine (RedHat 7.2) does not see the SCSI card.

It is a  DMX 3191  PCI-SCSI Host Adapter (under win98).

An lspci shows
                  00:13:0  SCSI storage controller

Apparently there are NO linux drivers available for this card.

The domex web mailing list archives does not show any drivers,
and I have noticed a few plaintive emails on the net asking for

Has anybody had any luck getting this card to work under Linux.

Many thanks




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