[sane-devel] sane and xsane-win32 crash

Andrei B. andrixnet@yahoo.com
Mon, 27 May 2002 23:05:28 -0700 (PDT)

Odd behaviour with Xsane-win32 build:

sane-1.0.6 on a linux machine with a scsi Tamarack 6000 scanner.
On the linux side xsane works (like xscanimage, scanimage, etc)

saned configured as suggested in inetd.conf, access granted accordingly
xsane-win32-0.86 installed as instructed on a Win95 machine.

running xsane results in it crashing and it creates a stackdump in a
file :
Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION at eip=6108179C
eax=10061DD0 ebx=FFFFFFFC ecx=3FFFF374 edx=00000000 esi=10065000
ebp=00B1F63C esp=00B1F630 program=C:\SANE\XSANE.EXE
cs=016F ds=0177 es=0177 fs=3BC7 gs=0000 ss=0177
Stack trace:
Frame     Function  Args
00B1F63C  6108179C  (10061DD0, 10061DD4, FFFFFFFC, 6108CFD8)
00B1F66C  004669B8  (10061D74, 00000004, 00000011, 00B1F694)
00B1F69C  0046783D  (10061D74, 00B1F798, 10061D74, 00466BBE)
00B1F6BC  00466BA2  (10061D74, 00B1F798, 00B1F6FC, 00466607)
00B1F6FC  00466611  (10061D74, 00B1F794, 00B1F73C, 0046703F)
00B1F73C  0046704C  (10061D74, 00000000, 004665BC, 00B1F79C)
00B1F7AC  00464F37  (10061D58, 7FFFFFFF, 00B1F7DC, 0058092F)
00B1F7FC  00465666  (0046B448, 00000000, 00B1FA8C, 00462076)
00B1FA8C  00462089  (00000001, 10060B18, 78037118, 00B1FAD8)
00B1FBCC  0046227C  (00000001, 10060B18, 00B1FBFC, 00462452)
00B1FBFC  004629DA  (00000001, 10060B18, 10060008, 00000000)
00B1FD88  6100401E  (00000000, 00000000, 0000FFFF, 00B1FF68)
00B1FDB8  6100421D  (00462444, 00000000, 00000000, 00000000)
00B1FDD8  6100425C  (00000000, 00000000, FFFFFFFF, 00000000)
00B1FE08  00467A3F  (00462444, BFF7CC72, BFFC1470, 00B1FF78)
00B1FE38  0040103D  (00000000, 819F01FC, 00910000, 6E617358)
End of stack trace (more stack frames may be present)

Logs on the linux machine simply show an accepted connect from the win
machine, then saned says "Exiting"

If saned is run as saned -d128 as suggested for debugging, no debugging
information is printed at all. But xsane on the windows machine does
not crash, even more, it works fine.

Only thing not tried yet is to start saned -d128 from inetd...

Please, if anyone has a suggestion it would be most welcome.
Thank you.

ing. Andrei Boros
Centrul pt. Tehnologia Informatiei
Societatea Romana de Radiodifuziune

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