[sane-devel] scanner.c: read_scanner(0): funky result:-75

Major A andras@users.sourceforge.net
Wed, 29 May 2002 12:24:26 +0100


> 2. I used VueScan 7.5.29 and was able to get 2 previews out of it, but 
> as soon I tried to get a regular scan I run into the same problems like 
> before:

OK, I'm relieved. This seems to be a hardware and/or kernel issue,
nothing to do with my driver.

> I noticed another strange thing. As soon as I invoke a
> modprobe scanner
> I never be able to remove the module again.

What kernel are you using? Did you compile it yourself, or is it a
pre-built one from your distribution?

> Any help is appreciated. I can't believe that I have to install Windows 
> on one of my PCs to make the scanner work.

No, you haven't, the scanner is reported working fine under linux.


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