[sane-devel] Here's an easy question

Gene Heskett gene_heskett@iolinc.net
Thu, 30 May 2002 22:09:57 -0400

On Thursday 30 May 2002 06:24 pm, Rachael Hirt wrote:
>=D Thanks!!!! Maybe this will work.........OH!  need to tell you
> some info! Okay:
>I am running:
>Red Hat 7.3 kernal 2.4.18-4 i686
Out of the box?  I hope its got the right usb options builtin or as 
modules.  I built mine in.

>Motherboard: EPoX
Unk factor to me since I don't know what chipset is on the Epox.

>CPU: AMD T-BIRD 1.4GHZ/266 PGA (hmm, what does PGA mean)

Pin Grid Array, a generalized term to describe a 'sea of pins' 
socketing scheme which can describe almost anything but a slot A 

>Hmm, is there anything else I'm missing? Please let me know. Well
> thanks for the help!!!!  ^_^

I took the method one experinced in building kernels would take, in 
that in my linux-2.4/drivers/usb/scanner.h, I added the 
vendor/model (0x04b8, 0x010f) codes to the listing in that file.  
And rebuilt the kernel.  For me its easier than putzing around in 
/etc/modules.conf, trying to hit the magic twanger combination.  
But thats purely personal choice in >90% of the cases.

In dmesg after a reboot, I can see this:

hub.c: USB new device connect on bus2/2, assigned device number 2
usb.c: USB device 2 (vend/prod 0x4b8/0x10f) is not claimed by any 
active driver.

When I built the kernel, I built the usb scanner stuff as module, 
and an lsmod says its loaded right now.

I'm NOT running the RH7.3 sane stuff, and if an "rpm -qa|grep sane" 
says you are, then its "rpm -e `rpm -qa|grep sane`" to remove them.
There is something a bit busted there, but some have said a run of 
ldconfig will fix it.  You might try it, and skip the next 
paragraph if it works.

I am running the 1.07-tar.gz versions, using no options to the 
./configure command, so thats pretty straight-forward.  After 
you've done a make install in xsane, sane-frontends and 
sane-backends, goto /usr/local/etc/sane.d/plustek.conf and make it 
look like this:
# Plustek-SANE Backend configuration file
# For use with Plustek parallel-port scanners and
# LM9831/2 based USB scanners
# ^^^^^^^^^ is the magic chipset in a 1250u!

# For parport devices use the parport section
#  comment these out
#device /dev/pt_drv

# leave the default values as specified in /etc/modules.conf
#warmup    -1
#lOffOnEnd -1
#lampOff   -1

# The USB section
# each device needs at least two lines:
# - [usb] vendor-ID and product-ID
# - device devicename
# i.e. for Plustek (0x07B3) UT12/16/24 (0x0017)
# [usb] 0x07B3 0x0017
# device /dev/usbscanner
# additionally you can specify some options
# warmup, lOffOnEnd, lampOff
# For autodetection
# [usb]
# device /dev/usbscanner

[usb] 0x04B8 0x010F

# options for the previous USB entry
# switch lamp off after xxx secs, 0 disables the feature
option lampOff 60
# I'm not sure this above option works, but the other 2 seem to.

# warmup period in seconds, 0 means no warmup
option warmup 58

# 0 means leave lamp-status untouched, not 0 means switch off
# on sane_close
option lOffOnEnd 1

# and of course the device-name
device /dev/usb/scanner0

# to define a new device, start with a new section:
# [usb] or [parport]

Which ought to give you a leg up on what you have now, provided I 
haven't left out the most important part, you may have to unplug, 
and replug the usb cable at the scanner to make it auto-load and be 

Good luck!

Cheers, Gene
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