[sane-devel] [ANN] Viceo 0.6 driver release for SANE 1.0.9

Steven Ellis pinguellis at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 29 21:55:39 GMT 2002

This driver supports the E3 and E4 family of chips
which covers a variety of USB scanners from Genius,
Primax, and IBM. Details are on the website below


NOTE the change of website as the ISP has locked me
out of the old website so I can't update the old


Finally had time to look at the issues with the 0.5
codebase and hope to have fixed most of the compile
problems. This release also includes a couple of
notible changes

1. Updated to work against sane-backends-1.0.9

2. Updates dll.conf file so viceo will be checked by
sanimage -L

3. Now includes intial cut at manual page and desc

4. SANE_DEBUG_VICEO now works correctly. I broke a lot
of things with version 0.5 when I switched to using
SANE debugging and all these issues should now be

1. Migrate to libusb so I can avoid the extra kernek
scanner patch.

2. Memory leaks. There are still a couple.

3. Extra scanners. Need to expand the supported list.

4. Tidy codebase - So it integrates better with SANE.

It works. Well it mostly works. It works a hell of a
lot better than the 0.5 release. I now have a
reasonably stable code base to work on, plus the
changes are backed up.



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