[sane-devel] Scanner buttons (kind of RFC)

mh crapsite@gmx.net
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 17:59:06 +0200

Oliver Rauch, Mittwoch, 11. September 2002 15:21:
> > Don't know, whether I understand this correctly, but isn't this a huge
> > security/privacy problem?
> > Let's say, user A starts his frontend, stands up, walks to the scanner
> > and puts some confidential or at least private document on the scanner.
> > Now user B starts a scan, which is possible because user A's frontend
> > doesn't prevent others from scanning -> Problem, IMHO....
> In fact that can be a security problem.
> But what about when a user prints a confidental document on a workgroup
> network-printer?
> And what when someone take a look at the paper on the scanner while the
> owner of the paper goes to his computer?
> When someone has a confidental document then he can not use a workgroup
> network scanner.

Even if this is true, it's IMHO the wrong approach. When a user puts a 
document in the scanner, (s)he expects, that (s)he can actually do a scan 
when (s)he's back at the computer. That's only guaranteed, if the device is 
Maybe we should think again about our frontend design? E.g. we could 
"iconify" the GUI and close the device after a scan over the network. If the 
user wants to scan again, (s)he simply clicks the icon and the frontend opens 
the device again and reloads the last setting.