[sane-devel] Umax Ultraslim 1220

antoine awaco@free.fr
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 19:13:45 +0200

> > Somebody can tell me which low price scanner (USB or // port) is
> > perfectely compatible on Linux ?
> Probably any of the devices mentioned at the SANE website. At least if
> it isn't marked "unsupported" or "untested".
> > works means that I only have to open "xsane" and the window appears t=
> > scan properly !
> This means you can't use most of the parport scanners because you
> need to be root and/or fiddle with saned and config files.
I dont understand the relation between parport scanners and to be root to=
config file ?
If i open "xsane" in root, I receive a message : "you start xsane on your=
risk if you are root"
> Even with USB scanners you may need to adjust permissions for
> /dev/usbscanner* or libusb files and/or run "modprobe scanner
> vendor=3Dsomething product=3Dsomething" if they are new.
can you tell ma the permissions of  /dev/usbscanner (chmod 666 ?)
modprobe scanner vendor=3Dsomething product=3Dsomething
I shall add : "vendor=3Dsomething product=3Dsomething" ?