[sane-devel] Umax Ultraslim 1220

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 20:00:27 +0200


On Mon, Sep 30, 2002 at 07:13:45PM +0200, antoine wrote:
> > This means you can't use most of the parport scanners because you
> > need to be root and/or fiddle with saned and config files.
> ---------
> I dont understand the relation between parport scanners and to be root to 
> config file ?

If you don't want to scan as root (which is insecure, dangerous etc.)
you will need to setup saned so it's started as user root. Also most
parport backends need to be either enabled in dll.conf or their config
files need some adjustment (e.g. the io port).

> If i open "xsane" in root, I receive a message : "you start xsane on your own 
> risk if you are root"

The message is ok. If you don't want it, you must use the saned
approach. It's slightly better because at lest the frontend doesn't
run as root.

All this is only true for backends that directly access the parport
(/dev/port or inb/outb). Using a special kernel module or libieee1284
(?) should work as normal user.

> > Even with USB scanners you may need to adjust permissions for
> > /dev/usbscanner* or libusb files and/or run "modprobe scanner
> > vendor=something product=something" if they are new.
> can you tell ma the permissions of  /dev/usbscanner (chmod 666 ?)

Probably /dev/usbscanner is a link to some other file (e.g.
/dev/usbscanner0). That's the one you want to change. The easy way is
to do "chmod a+rw /dev/usbscanner0". There is also another approach
with a group "scanner" explained in man sane-usb.

> modprobe scanner vendor=something product=something
> I shall add : "vendor=something product=something" ?

If the kernel scanner driver doesn't know your new USB scanner, it can
be told to detect it nevertheless by that modprobe command. You can
find the vendor and device ids in syslog or /proc/bus/usb/devices (if

So you would use something like

modprobe scanner vendor=0x0001 product=0x0002

for a scanner with the vendor id 0x0001 and the product id 0x0002.