[sane-devel] How to read the usb-snoopy log?

Bertrik Sikken bertrik@zonnet.nl
Tue, 01 Oct 2002 00:23:59 +0200

Jaeger, Gerhard wrote:

 >Hi Frank,
 >thanks for the response,  I might be able to figure out whats
 >happening now. The chip inside is reported as
 >GLUSB97 SC08-D047 or as
 >GENIUS 04-43-006B 9935
 >Maybe custom ASICs...
 >I only have some logs, where I'm able to identify some well known
 >byte sequences. I do not own such a scanner, but I wrote the driver
 >for the parallelport devices whose ASIC is now behind the bridge
 >so the idea was simply to replace the I/O layer by USB I/O functions...

The GLUSB chip could be a chip from Genesys Logic. I think they
produced a couple of USB-ieee1284 bridge chips.

For my HP3300c (which also uses some kind of parallel-over-USB protocol)
I did some research and finally found out (after spending a lot of time)
that it was actually quite similar to the protocol used by a canon USB
scanner, although I can't remember which one.
The chip number in my scanner was quite different, but apparently
mostly compatible.
I won't mind looking at some of those logs to see if it's the same

Also there's already some code in sane(i) for the pv8630 chip, perhaps
you can see some similarity between this code and the logs.