[sane-devel] Internationalization and localization status

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 12:28:42 +0200


Some statistics on the translation of the SANE option descriptions:


The following 20 backends have support for internationalization, i.e.
they use SANE_I18N to identify their translatable strings:

artec_eplus48u canon630u epson gt68xx hp5400 leo ma1509
matsushita mustek mustek_usb pnm sceptre snapscan teco1 teco2
teco3 test umax1220u umax umax_pp

These 36 backends don't support internationalization:

abaton agfafocus apple artec as6e avision bh canon_pp canon-sane
coolscan2 coolscan dc210 dc240 dc25 dll dmc fujitsu gphoto2 hp hpsj5s
ibm microtek2 microtek mustek_pp nec net pie pint qcam ricoh s9036
sharp sm3600 sp15c tamarack v4l

Even if the backends don't support internationalization, the options
define in sane/saneopts.h and the options that are identical to those
in internationalized backends will be translated. So backends that use
only "statndard" options don't need internationalization.

--> 36% of the backends have internationalization.


These languages are available: German, Spanish, French, Dutch,
Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish. 

de: 95% (533 translated messages, 1 fuzzy translation, 27 untranslated messages)
es: 24% (136 translated messages, 85 fuzzy translations, 340 untranslated messages)
fr: 94% (528 translated messages, 4 fuzzy translations, 29 untranslated messages)
nl: 53% (297 translated messages, 264 untranslated messages)
pt: 21% (116 translated messages, 10 fuzzy translations, 435 untranslated messages)
ru: 60% (335 translated messages, 55 fuzzy translations, 171 untranslated messages)
sv: 38% (213 translated messages, 83 fuzzy translations, 265 untranslated messages)

As far as I know, people are working on updates for Dutch. The
languages except for German and French could use some more work. More
languages are also wanted.

If you want to do some translation work, get the latest CVS snapshot
and look at po/README. Please contact sane-devel before you start
working  so no work is done twice.