[sane-devel] Visioneer Onetouch 4400 USB (Visioneer/Primax Primascan Colorado 2600u, Memorex 6142u)

Keith Watson kpwatson@ukfsn.org
Sat, 6 Dec 2003 01:23:56 +0000

Ok, so I've grabbed a copy of SnoopyPro and installed it on Windows2000.  I've
opened the TWAIN interface got the scanner to scan an image.  SnoopyPro has
captured a load of things called URBs (what's a URB daddy?).

Presumably I really should approach this methodically and perform a series of
smaller captures with each one addressing a specific operation. Is there any
material anywhere which covers this?  Failing that is anyone able to mentor me
through this? e.g. suggest what operations I need to capture and in what order?

If someone could tell me what to do, I could then post the output somewhere so
that others more knowledgeable and able than me can look at them and perhaps
deduce what's going on.