[sane-devel] Sugg: frontend to scan and append to pdf

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan@buzzard.me.uk
Fri, 12 Dec 2003 15:05:11 +0000

jante_nord@yahoo.co.uk said:
> What I often do is scan each page and add as jpeg to a word processing
> document. This works but is time consuming and boring and technically
> unneccesary. 

Yuck. In general for a text document this is a horrid way of doing
it. The vast majority of pages are best represented as a B&W image.

> I would like a utility that scans one full A4 page and writes it to a
> pdf, then ask me if I want to scan another one, if [yes] then I want
> the pdf to contain both pages. 

Actually what you want is to scan the page, and select what is graphics,
have that added as JPEG over a backdrop of a B&W image for the text.
Possibly even having only pictures added as JPEG, with other graphics
added as 256 colour PNG's.

I suspect a specific front end is called for here.

> Do you agree this is something useful ? Is there a solution already ? 

Yes it is useful.

> (I think this can almost be done with a script, but I am not sure
> about the append to pdf part...) 

Well the trick is not to finalise the PDF till you are done.


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