[sane-devel] HP PSC 2210 not found

David Sumbler david@aeolia.co.uk
Sat, 27 Dec 2003 21:43:02 +0000 (GMT)

I run RedHat 8.0, with an HP PSC-2210 USB printer/scanner/copier.

I had the PSC-2210 running fine at one time, but it all stopped
working - no idea why or exactly when.  Today I upgraded to hpoj 0.91,
and that seems to have solved most of the problems: I can now print
again, and the computer seems to be able to read data from the PSC
(e.g. 'ptal-connect mlc:usb:PSC_2210 -service ECHO' now works fine.)

But I cannot get sane to work (although it used to).  I have now tried
removing and re-installing sane (1.0.8), but 'scanimage --list
devices' just gives "No scanners were identified." etc.

I modified /etc/xinetd.conf and /etc/services as suggested in 'man
saned', and I tried changing both the user and group in
/etc/xinetd.conf to 'root' as well.

Still no luck.

Any suggestions?