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Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998@anciens.enib.fr
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 14:31:43 +0100

Hi all!

A few questions while translating to french...

1) Is it legal to have a translation that way (I mean with msgid being on one
line when msgstr is on two or more, and conversely) :

  #: file:line
  msgid "foobar"
  msgstr ""
  "This is a very long sentence that has no meaning, except for asking "
  "a stupid question, blah blah blah..."

2) Could someone acknowledge/complete my understanding of these:

dither, -ing : method to create more colours than available by placing side
by side pixels of a slightly different colour. Eg. on a 8 bit palette with no
yelow, place a redish pixel next to a greenish one to give some kind of
yellowish colour.

halftone : said of an image that has only two levels of 'colour'. Eg. either
full white or full black for B&W pictures; full red/green/blue or full black
for colour pictures.

highlight : the factor by which scanned values are multiplicated. g. whith
a 1.2 highlight, a scanned value of 100 would give 120, clamping at 255 (or
whatever the depth is).

epson.c:2395 : "Dropout" : looks like a colour is excluded from the scan.

microtek2.h:632 : "Use the lightlid-35mm adapter" : is this some kind of
transparency one can get in place of standard photos?

3) What do these options mean :
test.c:767  "(5/6) Bool soft select soft detect emulated"
epson.c:543 "Text Enhanced Technology"
matsushita.c:176 "From white stick"


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