[Fwd: [sane-devel] saned/Epson problems - ?third try?]

khk@khk.net khk@khk.net
Thu, 9 Jan 2003 09:16:41 -0500 (EST)

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> Looks like a backend problem (maybe with interference of the frontend)
> to me now.
> I don't think the net stuff is involved, it seems to only trigger the
> bug(s). But it's really difficult to debug from here.
> Maybe the backend author has more ideas :-)

No, not really... But mostly because I don't have a working net configuratio
right now. I'll should be able to debug this over the weekend.

>> by the way is it a sane limitation or a sane-driver limitation that i
>> can't scan with 4800 dpi resolution,
>> because the scanner is able to do a scan with 2400x4800 dpi
>> physically?
> Such things depend on the backend.

The scanner's optical resolution is 2400dpi, the 4800 dpi in the
sub-scan direction is done by making smaller steps when the sensors
are moved vertically. The EPSON backend does not support different
resolutions in main- and sub-scan directions, so 2400dpi is the best
the backend can give you. The scanner actually reports the resolutions
it can deliver, and 2400 is the highest value the backend receives.