[sane-devel] Re: Sane on Ultra Sparc

abel deuring a.deuring@satzbau-gmbh.de
Sat, 11 Jan 2003 12:38:32 +0100

abel deuring wrote:
> abel deuring wrote:
>> So, what you can do:
>> 1. compile Sane as a 64-bit application. In this case, sizeof(sg_io_hdr)
>> should be the same both in the application and in the kernel. (OK, I
>> understand that this might waste some disk space for duplicates of libc
>> and friends.)
> [...]
> Seems that I made a too big show out of the problem. Dieter Jurzitza 
> discovered that it is enough to simply add
> #ifdef __SPARC_ARCH__
> #undef SG_IO
> #endif /* __SPARC_ARCH__ */

Forgot one question: This #ifdef disables the usage of the new SG 
interface for all Sparc processors, but we need this only for newer 
ones, with a 64 bit kernel and 32 bit applications. Does anybody know, 
how we could restirct the #ifdef to the this case?