[sane-devel] Arcard and mustek

alto.iole@earthlink.net alto.iole@earthlink.net
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 13:27:20 -0800

I am using Kernel 2.4.19, what I did last night
was to try to download the driver from acard
atp870u.c and compile it. 
The readme suggest to compile it not as module
but actually built it in the kernel.

I do not see the reason.

Anyway I compile as standard module and it behaves
like the original module shipped with the kernel.

The behavior is kind of strange, the scanner start
moving but it stop afer a few second and freeze
the computer. 

I have not tried to debug the problem by changing the dedbug verbosity during
the scan. 

I do not have enough experience to debug the kernel module :(