[sane-devel] Re: Visioneer 5800?

Gene Heskett gene.heskett@verizon.net
Sat, 5 Jul 2003 13:29:58 -0400

On Saturday 05 July 2003 11:54, jollyprince@juno.com wrote:
>I have a Visioneer 5800 with a Realtek RTS8801C chip.  Without
> cooperation from either company, is there any hope of creating a
> backend for this product?  What productive course of action can I
> take, if any?

I'd hate to rain on your parade, but even if you do get it working 
with sane, if you have a warranty problem with that unit, do NOT even 
mention to the store clerk or on the warranty form that you have been 
using it with linux.  If you do, the claim will be denied out of hand 
because that is a memorex house branded unit, and memorex is one of 
the worst linux haters about.  In my case, even though I could demo 
that it didn't work on a windows box either, the claim was denied 
because I'm honest and I'd mentioned linux.  Something linux did 
wrecked it, nothing to do with the lightning strike that took out its 
parallel port, was their response.  The fact thay I also lost a modem 
and a telephone in the same strike somehow wasn't germain to my 
claim.  If you just bought it, return it and get an Epson, like the 
1260u, which I think works just fine, my 1250u sure does.

After that experience (they were snotty has all get out on the phone), 
I haven't bought anything I could trace back to memorex.  Their loss 
IMO, and my 'something learned' for the day.

[snip Hennings msg since my reply is OT]

Cheers, Gene
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