[sane-devel] Re: Microtek SlimScan C6 on Mac OS X

Karsten Festag karsten.festag@gmx.de
Sun, 6 Jul 2003 22:35:02 +0200

Hi Dave,

unfortunately I have no experiences with OS X and SANE. But I will cc this 
mail to the SANE mailing list, hopefully someone can tell you some more 
But I'm not sure if you can get your scanner to work out of the box because 
there needs to be a piece of software that translates the USB signals to SCSI 
commands that are used in the scanner software (backend). In Linux there is a 
kernel module (microtek.c); I don't know if there is something similar under 
OS X.  ( SANE experts, please comment on this...)



On Saturday 05 July 2003 03:24, you wrote:
> Mr. Festag -
> I am not a developer, so I don't understand most of what I read on the
> SANE web site, but I am trying to use a Microtek SlimScan C6 (USB) on a
> Macintosh running OS X 10.2.6. I can scan in Classic mode, but I would
> prefer to scan in OS X. Are you aware of any user-friendly front end
> that will do this? If there's an application I can run through the UNIX
> terminal, I suppose I could do that as well.
> Thank you,
> - Dave Hudson
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