[sane-devel] Announcing Scanner-HOWTO at tldp.org

Howard Shane ozymandias@charter.net
Mon, 02 Jun 2003 10:18:39 -0500

I would like to announce the completion of the initial draft of the 
Scanner-HOWTO for the linux documentation project, and invite 
participants on the SANE-devel mailing list to comment on it.

The goal of this document is to bridge point A (scanner) to point B 
(scanner running successfully in linux) for the relative newbie as 
efficiently as possible. As such it should not be too technical, it 
should cover the most common hardware interface types, the required 
steps to reach a working result, likely pitfalls and how to recover from 
them, and places to go for help. It is not designed to be an exaustive 
list of harware in/compatibilities.

Any help you can suggest to clarify or otherwise improve the draft will 
be greatly appreciated and may even result in you being mentioned in the 
credits if you so desire.

The document can be found at: