[sane-devel] Microtek SlimScan C3, output always a black image

Karsten Festag karsten.festag@gmx.de
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 21:17:24 +0200

Hi Jose,

please look into your BIOS and make sure the parport mode is set to EPP, not 
ECP! I heard several times that this is the cause for stretched or shifted 
image lines.

By the way: switching off the backend calibration has a negative side effect: 
you will probably see fine vertical stripes on your scanned images. Normally 
the backend calibration gets rid of it, but it looks like we have to find the 
bug in the calibration code so that it works with your scanner. Please tell 
me if we shall do some work in this direction - I'll need some testing work 
on your side to achieve this.

Could you please tell me what error message appears if you use the '-y20' 
option to generate a logfile?


On Thursday 29 May 2003 04:13, Jose Sanchez wrote:
> Hi Karsten, thanks for the help, and sorry for the late answer.
> >until now I didn't find strange things in the logfile. But what error
> > message gives the -y20 option (though this shouldn't be connected to the
> > dark image failure)?
> >Please try what happens when you (in xsane or xscanimage) turn off the
> >advanced option 'calibration by backend'.
> >Do you see that the scanning illumination is on during the scan?
> well I turn off the advance option you tell me and finally I am able to
> see the image, although sometimes the image is acquire incorrectly, I
> mean, it  is cut and streched in some parts.  I rescan the image several
> times until the image is acquire correclty.  Do you have any idea how
> should I correct that error.
> Thanks
> Jose
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