[sane-devel] Analysis of saned CPU utilization

Jay Guerette JayGuerette@pobox.com
Tue, 03 Jun 2003 12:57:29 -0400 (EDT)

First off, my deep thanks to everyone who has made sane possible. I am
ecstatic that I can use my scanner on my Linux box, and also make it
available to Windows clients over my network.

I've experienced, and seen a few references to similar experiences on the
web, saned consuming all available CPU when in use.

After running a strace while it was doing this, and examining the source
to saned, it appears that it is locked in a tight select loop with no

It is definately not the ideal way to poll for data, and at the very least
there should be a short timeout to release CPU cycles to other processes.
Was this a deliberate design choice?

If it is a flaw, what is the best way to get it fixed? Should I fix it and
submit a patch, or try to take it up with whomever maintains that
particular frontend?


Jay Guerette