[sane-devel] CVS freeze ?

Thomas Soumarmon soumarmt@nerim.net
Wed, 4 Jun 2003 21:57:27 +0200

Hi everybody,

Sorry for the silly question but I have been a bit SANE-offline for a while, 
and I didn't find quickly the answer in the mail archive.

I wanted to commit into CVS some changes about the hp5400 backend.
Is there a CVS freeze at the moment or may I do it ?

And before that, is there a compile farm or some kind of, to verify at least 
it compiles ok on various platforms before commiting it ?


PS : changes are not functional, they are "only" to make a synchronization 
between hp5400backend sourceforge CVS project and SANE CVS project.

PS2: I have been messing around a lot before finding the DEBUG_NOT_STATIC 
trick to avoid the missing symbol sane_debug_hp5400_call !!!