[sane-devel] "gamma" and "bayer" Thanks again. It works!

Theodore Kilgore kilgota@banach.math.auburn.edu
Fri, 13 Jun 2003 19:01:45 -0500 (CDT)


I had to make the "stock" bayer and gamma routines from gphoto2 to work in
my program. The color map is standard, too. I want to thank everyone for
helping me focus on exactly what was needed and on what I should at least
try out.

My program is very primitive at this point. It will sense the resolution
setting and will download all of the pictures on the camera, directly into
files on the hard drive. It is primitive because I really don't know very
well yet to divide everything into different functions, and I also have
not figured out yet how the gphoto "filesystem" functions fit together, so
every time I try to incorporate them, I get C code which gives ten
thousand error messages.

The code will probably not work on low resolution, either. I haven't
tested that yet. Also this camera can be used as a PC cam to download
something like 10 frames per second. I have not addressed this at all,
yet. All of this will take a little bit more time, but the camera
assuredly works.

On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:

> Color space/gamma table questions are ontopic on this list.

Whew! I would have thought, myself, that the gphoto-devel list would be
more appropriate, but I seem to be unable to subscribe to it. Does anyone
know if the instructions at gphoto.org for subscribing to the list are out
of date, or what?

> As you
> have seen I don't know much of this stuff myself and learned quite a
> bit.
Well, it is one of my acquired skills as a professor, that I know how to
ask good questions even if I don't have the answers ;-)

> And to avoid any misconceptions: I'm neither the list maintainer nor
> the inventor of SANE but simply know about how SANE works in general a
> little bit :-)
> Bye,
>   Henning

I will try to send a picture to those who have responded to my questions,
because I do not feel it is right to send it here. I will be glad to do
that, though, if someone in charge (who, then?) sends me an e-mail saying
it is OK to do that.

The picture is slightly retouched with "sharpen" under GIMP. Nothing else
done to it (except to turn it right-side up). It looked almost as good as
the Windows-produced BMP file before, and my retouched picture looks
better than the Windows-produced picture when similarly retouched, too.
Funny thing is, out of 20 pictures I took, some of them looked better
as-is with my program, and some of them looked better with the Windows
software issued with the camera.

Theodore Kilgore