[sane-devel] [sane-devel]The report about 'sane-fujitsu'

hironori kohno kouno.hironori@pfu.fujitsu.com
Fri, 27 Jun 2003 16:48:38 +0900


I performed testing about 'sane-fujitsu'. 
It reports below.

OS: RedHat Linux V8
Scanner: fi-4220C

Indication matters:

1. color-mode
When scan is carried out by color-mode, the information 
on a color differs from an actual manuscript.
ex.A red paper is expressed as a yellow picture.

2. resolution
A maximum of 600 dpi is appropriate to x resolution of 
fi-4x20 scanner.
The maximum of y resolution can be specified to 600dpi.

3. rif (reverse image format)
i want you to support not by rif but by SANE_NAME_NEGATIVE.
i do not set up by rif of scanner I/F, but want you to be 
reversed to an actual picture color.

4. halftone-mode
A picture cannot be taken even if it specifies the mode of 

5. paper-size
"A3" and "double" are not supporting.

6. Start button
How to use start-button is not known.