[sane-devel] Alioth running again

Julien BLACHE jb@jblache.org
Sat, 22 Nov 2003 15:42:54 +0100


You may have noticed the Alioth downtime since yesterday morning (CET)

This (partial) downtime is of course related to the compromise of 4
Debian servers you may already be aware of. If not, read slashdot :)

Alioth was *not* one of these servers, and everything on the machine
is safe. As a security measure, all passwords and SSH keys have been
wiped out of the LDAP database.

That means you'll have to reset your password using the "lost
password" link on the login page.

After that, it'll just work as it did previously.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Julien BLACHE                                   <http://www.jblache.org>