[sane-devel] Epson gt-8000 transparency experiment

Bart Buitinga bartbuitinga@xs4all.nl
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 21:02:43 +0100


Although not a SANE user, I'd like to try and post a question about a 
hardware experiment on a Epson gt-8000.

It occurred to me that if it is possible to project a negative on the 
scanners glass pane using a slide accessory, it might also work to use a 
photo magnifier (I mean the thing used to print in a (B&W) darkroom, an 
Opemus 11 to be precise) with some kind of half transparent projection 
surface, just if I would succeed in scanning with the lights off.

I guess that normally the scanner would notice a device connected to the 
15 pin entrance on the rear, and maybe it would just be a matter of 
shortcircuiting some of its contacts, but maybe there is a trick to do 
it with one of the ini's that twain32 (win95) uses. (In the latter case 
I hope there's a similar linux option or continue my quest elsewhere)

So please let me know if my question can be answered here...

Regards from Arnhem, Netherlands,

Bart Buitinga