[sane-devel] Do you need/want the Ricoh HS2P (IS450) SCSI i/f spec?

Mattias Kregert mattias@kregert.se
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 17:29:21 +0100

I have an old copy of some SCSI i/f specs which i got from Ricoh some =
time ago. It describes the commands, replies, bitformats, correction =
filter settings, sensors, adf, and so on... everything needed to write a =
backend, i guess...

It is called:
  HS2P (IS450) SCSI Interface Specifications
  Version 1.0 Sep 30, 1998
  (77 pages)
  HS2P (IS450) SCSI Interface Specifications (Programming Guide)
  Version 1.0 Feb 24, 1999
  (15 pages)

Does somebody here want it? I can send it physically (snail mail), or =
perhaps i could scan it and send it by email ... whetever you prefer.