[sane-devel] Unkown scanner version in hp5400 backend

BullGates BullGates <bullgates@muuu.tk>
Sun, 30 Nov 2003 21:00:58 +0000

After searching, I manage to enter debug mode to try to see what is
behind the failure in detection of my HP Scanjet 5400 scanner; 
here it is:

[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of hp5400 to 128
[hp5400] sane_init: SANE hp5400 backend version 1.0-3 [from sane-backends 1.0.13)
[hp5400] Reading config file
[hp5400] Discarding line 1
[hp5400] Discarding line 2
[hp5400] Discarding line 3
[hp5400] Discarding line 4
[hp5400] Trying to attach usb 0x03F0 0x1005
[hp5400] vendor/product 0x03F-0x1005 opened
[hp5400] Read: reqtype = 0xC0, req = 0x04, value = 1200
[hp5400] Read: reqtype = 0xC0, req = 0x04, value = C500
[hp5400] Command 12 verified
[hp5400] Sorry, unknown scanner version. Attempt match on :
[hp5400] * 'SilitekIBlizd C3 ScannerV0.84'
[hp5400] * 'SilitekIBlizd C3 ScannerV0.86'
[hp5400] * 'SilitekIBlizd C3 ScannerV0.87'
[hp5400] Version is ''
[hp5400] attach_one_device: attached /dev/usb/scanner0 successfully
[hp5400] hp5400_open: open returned Device busy
[hp5400] hp5400_open failed

Can the developer of the hp5400 backend (or someone) help me out on
this? Maybe I can help in any way...

Thanks in advance,