[sane-devel] Problems getting my scanimage to list my Epson 2400

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Wed, 1 Oct 2003 11:10:33 +0200


On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 12:13:58AM -0700, Stan wrote:
> I'm new to sane and I'm trying to get my Epson 2400 scanner
> to work with my Redhat 8.0 linux.  And have been having
> some problems. I've run sane-find-scanners and get the
> following: 
> found USB scanner (vendor=0x04b8 [EPSON], product=0x011b
> [EPSON Scanner]) at libusb:001:002
> however when I try and run scanimage -L with debug turned
> on. I get:

[not detected]

Does it work when you run "scanimage -L" as root? If yes, fix the
permissions of /proc/bus/usb, see man sane-usb, section libusb, for
how to do that.

If that doesn't work, become root and tell the kernel scanner module
about your scanner:

rmmod scanner (ignore any errors)
modprobe scanner vendor=0x04b8 product=0x011b

sane-find-scanner should now list your scanner twice and scanimage -L
should work.