[sane-devel] acer 3300u scanner - lineart mode problem

Antonio Paz antpaz@yahoo.com
Fri, 3 Oct 2003 21:07:29 -0700 (PDT)

Hi people.  Thanks sane for this area.  Please, forgive my
Problem is that my acer 3300u scanner, is not working in lineart
mode. Images are good for grayscale and color.  By "not working"
I mean that, when using Xsane, the resulting image is a black
page with 6 white wide bands.  Results with xscanimage are
different, but equally illegible: image has each scanned line (I
mean a scan line, not a written line) moved 1/4" relative to the
next scanned line.
I've done the following to try to solve it:
1.  Update sane to 1.0.11-2
2.  Verify firmware.  It seems to be ok, but i'm not sure if the
line for this (in snapscan.conf) is working.
3. Change the Greyscale lines per read
4. Verify dll.conf to contain "snapscan"

Scanner info as stated by lsusb is 
idProduct 0x20b0 S2W 3300U/4400U, 
iProduct 2  FlatbedScanner 23

I've search all the web to find how to solve this problem.  An
interesting reference is given at this message board, giving a
link to a sane package tweaked by Acer; saddly package is not
there anymore.

I hope you would help me to get rid of Win.... :)

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