[sane-devel] patch for xscanimage bugnr. 300251, upload went wrong

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Sun, 5 Oct 2003 14:59:52 +0200


On Sun, Oct 05, 2003 at 02:07:44PM +0000, gerard klaver wrote:
> By submitting bugnr. 300251, patch upload went wrong, reason?

Maybe you forget to check the "Check to Upload & Attach File" check
box? I think putting the file name in the box is not enough.

> I've placed the patch in comment field bugreport and also as attachment
> in this email.

Thanks. I've comitted a slightly changed patch to CVS. There was
already a test for negative values so your test didn't work. The
negative values were just silently modified to positive ones. I've
removed that automatic modification. Also I added your test before the
value is saved and the window is destroyed.

However, that's still buggy because even if "cancel" is pressed, the
changed values are saved when exiting xscanimage. The gamma value
should be saved to a temporary variable first. Anyway, that's a
different bug.