[sane-devel] HP ScanJet 4100C - assertion failed

Yves Martin ymartin59@free.fr
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 14:45:15 +0200

Selon Henning Meier-Geinitz <henning@meier-geinitz.de>:

> Hi,
> On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 09:14:52AM +0200, Yves Martin wrote:
> >  I'm trying to use my usb scanner 4100C to my Linux - vanilla 2.4.21
> >  with some patches (software suspend, ACPI, ntfs, supermount)
> >  I have checked that the USB scanner module is available.
> I have had some reports that ACPI makes trouble with USB sometimes.
> Just to find out that it is not the cause here try without ACPI (and
> also APIC, if you use that option).

  What a pity !! My notebook cannot make a noise without ACPI. In fact
  the ACPI does something good to the sound card. No ACPI, no sound !
  I will try as a last possibility.

> I also recommend to try using libusb instead of the kernel scanner
> driver. You may need to do that as root if permissions are not set up
> correctly (see man sane-usb).

  Well. I though I was using libusb - because of the single 'usb' line in
  hp.conf - but there is mention of libusb in the debug log...
> >  Then the device does not appear any longer:
> >  /dev/usb/scanner0 does not exist ?? connect/disconnect changes nothing ??
> >  I have to reboot my Linux to get back the device !!
> Check syslog if you have gotten an oops message. Unloading and
> reloading the USB scanner module and/or the other USB drivers may also
> help.

  No, I do not remember 'oops' - but I will take care know. 
  I really want to use libusb in fact.

> | Many:   usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout
> Bad, very bad. When do they happen? Only when you start scanning or
> even before that?

  When scanimage -L is trying SCL commands. So all the time before the
  core dumped in fact. Until now I was not able to get a first scan:
  the scanjet has done no noise yet with Linux.
> | ESSCOM: III=> not our interrupt
> | Buffer over turn   (many)
> Oh, interrupt problems may also cause such trouble. Maybe interrupt
> sharing doesn't work correct? Really check if you have enabled APIC
> and disable it, if you don't need it. What's the output of cat
> /proc/interrupts ?

  I'm almost sure APIC is enabled. I have no other USB issue with my usb-key
  for instance... I have two USB hubs and maybe it depends the plug I choosed.
  I may work-around the issue unloading the ESSCOM module.

> That error is "EILSEQ". That means the UHCI controller got data from the
> scanner that wasn't correct (CRC error). May also indicate a cable
> problem.

  Strange. The same cable/scanner works well with my old computer on Win98.
  [ My notebook has also XP and I do not find a way to install the XP driver nor
    the Precision LT scanning tool yet - and HP site is no help:
    Booting XP in SAFEBOOT mode to run the setup.exe changes nothing.
    I already give up to make it work on XP - it s almost more difficult
    than on Linux ]

  I will look at all that later. I'm away this week-end (my notebook is
  in the trip - but not the scanjet !!). So further information on monday.
  Thank you
Yves Martin