[sane-devel] OT: fast usb document scanner

Florian Reichert florianr@gmx.net
Thu, 16 Oct 2003 12:17:07 +0200

On Thu, 16 Oct 2003 11:25:22 +0000, Wolfgang Pichler 
<madmin@dialog-telekom.at> wrote:

> hi all,
> i am currently working on a web application which is for entering
> contract data. It is also possible to add to each entered contract the
> scanned contract (it does already work) - but now i am searching for a
> fast usb scanner which is supported by sane (the clients where the data
> gets entered are linux thin clients). The scanner only have to scan in
> graycolor and with a low resolution (so that the scans keep readable) -
> and this as fast as possible (short calibration time/prescan time - and
> scan time).

Have a look for the thread "Real Fast Scanner!" I started this week on 
this mailing list.

I am looking for a similar produkt and found it verry dificult to find 
such a scanner for less than 200 Euro. I found the Epson 2400 (199 Euro) 
to be the fastes scanner for linux and less than 200 Eur.
(test url:http://www.pcwelt.de/tests/hardware-tests/scanner/27272/ )

I found many fast and cheap scanners not to be supported by sane (for 
example epson perfection 1670).

For windows I found the canon 3200F to be a verry very fast device ( and 
less than 100 Euro). But not supported too.

I would be interested If you find any other fast device for sane.

Regards Florian

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